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On this Gallery, you can tour a selection of rugs from our 40th Anniversary Exhibition, held on September 2015 at the Beaconsfield Library and at Centennial Hall. Visit the Blog "News & Blog" to see the rugs showcased in the past.

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Show & Tell : About Birds


Blue-jay Cushion

By Ti Seymour


Our cottage in the Laurentians sits amongst the Birch, Cedar and Maple trees which are abundant with life.  I wanted to complement some furniture in the cottage with life from the trees.  Bluejays regularly visit the feeder and have to share this with the resident squirrels too.  Hence the footstool close by.


Bird and Fruit

By Denise Morissette


Denise Morissette

A picture of a Two-tone Swallow was my inspiration for a sculpted bird representation. I used wool cut no 6 and no 3.  The rug size is 16 X 17 inches. 


By Jeanne Osler


Jeanne Osler

This is one of the first courses  I took as a beginner.  Joan Boyle was the teacher and a group  from BHCG  went to Brockville.

Fledgling Eagle at MacNab Cemetery

Designed and hooked by Carolyn Ells in 2012


I took a photograph of this young eagle shortly after it fledged from its nest. It was perched on a headstone at MacNab Cemetery in Nova Scotia. Jon Ciemiewicz guided me in adapting the bird image to rug hooking. The finished mat hangs at our family cottage just a few steps away from the cemetery.